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DIY Pumpkin Lanterns

Posted by Jennifer Garza on

DIY Pumpkin Lanterns - Little Dreamers Club

Looking for some spooktacular fun for halloween? Check out this fun DIY pumpkin lantern! This project is great for kids ages two and up! (Adult supervision required)

Items needed:

  • Two paper plates
  • Black paint
  • Orange paint
  • Scissors
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Paint brush
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Pencil
  • Battery operated candle
  • Gold glitter (optional)

Step 1:

Turn plate one upside down to the non-eating side. Paint it orange.

Step 2:

Turn plate two on the eating side. Paint it black


Step 3:

Draw in the eyes and mouth that you want for your pumpkin lantern. You can make him very spooky or very friendly.

Step 4:

Cut out the outline of the mouth and eyes (a trick for this is to make a hole using a pen or pencil and insert the scissors in the hole and start cutting).

Step 5:

Place double sided tape along the outside of the black plate. 

Step 6:

Secure the two plates together.

Step 7:

Cut the bottom of the two plates under the mouth. This will be where the candle is placed.


Step 8:

Between the double sided tape or glue (at the top) place the pipe cleaner into the pumpkin. You can curl it using a pen or your finger by looping it around several times and then pulling it off. 


Step 9:

Insert a battery operated candle into the bottom cut. Then turn off the lights and watch your pumpkin glow! Hopefully its not too spooky!!

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